Picture prompt: Huginn&Muninn

“I fear for Huginn, that he might not come back, yet more anxious am I for Muninn.”

I’ve traded an eye for knowledge and sacrificed my body to gain wisdom. I fought wars and have taken the fallen men to my halls. I’ve loved and I lost loves. I’ve made so many memories over the past centuries, memories I treasure more than anything. Thoughts and memories, Huginn and Muninn, they fly through Midgard, through worlds no one dared to go before. Huginn shakes his feathers, he’s bold and mesmerising. Muninn his cry sounds different, bittersweet, he’s chaotic and sometimes stays away for too long. Both provide me with answers I seek, each in their own unique way. I’m afraid of losing my train of thought, but memories are irreplaceable. The birth of my children, the creation of mankind and carving their world out of bones of giants. All of these memories changed me, perhaps even made me a better man. Thoughts and Memories, Huginn and Muninn, are crucial even to immortal men.



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