Blogging – a reflection

This blog was an assignment for school, but I really enjoyed posting my poetry and short stories here. Since I want to become a writer, I’m going to continue blogging. It helped me improve my vocabulary and gave me enough inspiration to finally start on the book I’ve been wanting to write for ages.

  • What have you learned about becoming proficient in English by writing a blog?

I’ve learned working with writing prompts I found online, I learned more about poetry, I learned how to write a short story, I got to educate others through my blog by writing about queer topics such as pronouns and I’ve expanded my vocabulary.
I also learned how to receive and give feedback, since my classmates and I often asked each other to check our blogs.

  • How could you do this with your pupils?

To become more proficient at writing you have to write, a lot. By having them write every week you can figure out the mistakes they make (grammatical mistakes like the use of then/than for example) and give effective feedback on their work. You can also check whether they are improving or not.

I would give them writing prompts, because some people just aren’t writers and they need a little help. I would also give them a lot of variety such as: poetry, essays, letters, columns and short stories.  In my opinion this is the best way to become proficient at writing.

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