Henry Tudor (poem)

Henry Tudor, Number eight.
Broke the scales With his weight.
Henry also had 6 wives,
Let me tell you about their lives.
Henry first married Katherine of Aragon,
As his brother Arthur before him had done.
Poor old Kat got a girl, not what Henry wanted,
So he started his own church… Because a divorce couldn’t be granted.
Then came young Anne from the house of Boleyn,
And at first the King’s heart she did win.
But after daughter two his love did stop,
So he sent little Annie off to the chop.
The third was Jane Seymour, she was so pretty!
Young and blonde, and incredibly witty.
She did manage to give the king a male heir,
But died in childbirth, how unfair!
Anne of Cleeves was lucky number four,
Henry sent painter Holbein to her door.
But the portrait wasn’t realistic, “She looks like a horse!”
And so the king got his second divorce.
Kathryn Howard, Number five,
Would be Henry’s youngest wife.
The young girl flirted with many men,
She was sent to the tower just like her Cousin Anne.
Katherine Parr was the last one,
Took care of Henry and his daughters and son.
She stayed with the King until his death,
Remarried and celebrated , “I kept my head!”
This was the story of Henry the killer,
Not that romantic, it sounds like a thriller.
He died at age fifty five,
Best known as the fat king who couldn’t keep a wife.

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