I used to be a mathematician, meticulously counting every calorie. Food was my enemy, fat grease and regret in air tight plastic. Wrapped, labelled with nutritional facts I could quote from the top of my head. When these are the only things on your mind, appetite is a rare feeling you only experience once in a while. Your stomach growls and you try to calm the beast by dousing it in water, wishing it would drown.

But food doesn’t only make you fat, food kills, food destroys everything that’s beautiful. Murdering innocent creatures to fill our stomachs, torturing those without a voice. So I made the choice to no longer support cruelty, to never fund those industries who wreck our lands and cause poverty. To regain enjoyment in food I read books and found diets to suit my needs, to grow and live┬ácompassionately. I’m no longer afraid of food, my body powered on soy and legumes. The only calculations I now do are the amount of lives I save by being plant based. Life is beautiful when your stomach is a garden, not a grave.